Venture At Pusara Aman

One boring day, my boyfriend and i, plus four of my other friends ran out of idea, not knowing where to hang out, so after playing a game or two at katong’s pool, one of us get came out a plan to venture at pusara aman cemetary. At first, all of us thought that it was a foolish idea but came to think of it, in stupidity we agreed. There are three bikes altogether making a promise not speed in any circumstances.

Ok, the moment we reach there, it was creepy and cold, just like the mortuary, it reminds me of my attachment in NUH where i accompanied the familily member to view the body. It was indeed darker than i expect. The sound of the leaves rustling and swaying makes me regret my decision. We went further inside, each of us began to lite a cigarette coz we believe that ghiost tends to be scare by fire. Everybody kept silent until out the the sudden, a horrible plus terrible++++ smell of rotten corpse came about followed by a gust of wind. We drag on our venture until one of us on the left shouted a vulgar word and order us to turn around and all of us sped like hell.

When we reached the junction, we asked him what happened and he said , the moment the horrible smell came about, he heard a lady’s voice calling him and when he turn to the left to see, he saw a lady in white smilling, showing out her fangs and waving him to come inside the cemetary. But the thing is none of us seen the lady.

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