Westwood Terrace

There was once when I was about 7 or 8 I came home from school and saw my sister in the bathroom. She told me how glad she was to see me because something weird had happened and that she was scared (she was the only one in the house). She showed me how this can of hair spray kept tilting back and forth on the shelf for a few minutes. I thought maybe it was a passing tuck or she bumped the shelf. She said she didn’t.

One night everyone was in bed and it was around 12:00am and I start hearing the cupboards in the kitchen downstairs banging. I really didn’t take much notice of it. This continued though for a while. It was just constant. I tried to bury myself under the covers as I was really scared now. So I am laying there terrified and all of a sudden I hear my dog start to bark. Now I’ tell you…my dog *never* howls or barks. To this day I have never heard him howl again. I ran to the landing on the stairs and told him to shut up! I thought well I am up maybe I’ll check the cupboards in the kitchen now.

So I went down the stairs rather slowly and made my way to the kitchen. The sound of the banging stopped. I bolted up stairs and just cuddled under my blankets. No more sounds though. Then another incident happened when I was about 14, I went to bed before everyone else as we had relatives over. Well I am laying in bed and I start to feel a little bit of a shake. I kind of looked around and thought that was weird. I continue to lay there and felt my bed shake a little harder. This time I sat up and was looking on either side of my bed to see if someone is there. No one there. I thought oh this is just my mind. So I lay back down again and close my eyes. When I did this my bed started to shake rather hard. I jumped out of my bed as fast as I can and ran downstairs. Tell my parents but they did not believe me. I stayed up for another 30 min and went back to bed. No more shaking.

My sister used to be pretty wild. i.e. coming home really late at night. Anyhow, one day she said how the dog was acting weird. When she comes home sometimes he’ll just be sitting in the living room staring at the wall. She’ll call him and he won’t look. So she goes over to pet him and he acknowledges her and goes back to being normal. Just thought that was weird too. I was laying in bed again. My bed was situated in the corner of the room. So I turned over to go to sleep and my face was looking towards the wall. I then saw a hand make a half circle motion from under the side of the bed over and disappear under the other side of the bed. Even writing this now I can picture what I saw very clearly. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

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