What Is That?

We are on the grave of my uncle’s. This was the second day of my uncles death..I and my friends went out from house at around 7p.m. My uncle was a good man. He loves to went outings with me and my friends. But we were not around when my uncle died. We were enjoying going shopping. This time my uncle said that he can’t follow because of some reason. But when we came back from shopping, a shocking news struck our hearts. My parent said he had died. We cried as loud as we can. But now, we are sayng prayers for my uncle.

It is reaching 8 pm already. We start to go home already. Suddenly, a cold feeling cools my body. My friends feel it too. Then we saw something call ‘man with white blanket’ jumping towards us. My friend say, “whats that??!!. As it draws nearer to us, we really know what is it. It was a Pocong(in malay). Pocong is a ghost which come out from is graves to haunt people. Our feet were numb. We can’t go anywhere! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!what are we going to do!!!!! It jumps right to the front of my face!!T hen it smile! It was my uncle! We ask for forgiveness as we did not attend his funeral. We were crying! scared! He said he forgives us but a condition that we must visit him as often as possible.

We went home happyly accompanied by my uncle spirit not in pocong form but in a invisible way.

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