Actually i don’t really believe in ghost coz for me they don’t exist..but i end up to believe it. It happen one night where i was at a multi-storey carpark near my house parking my bike. It was around 3.15am in the morning, pretty cold night at that time..i’m a clubber type of guy and …

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Blk G

Decided to rent a chalet at Pasir Ris Down Town East. On the very first night all my relatives and friends came to have fun there. At about 1.00 am, one of my cousin had decided to play hide and seek. Luckily it was raining heavily that time, so we all decided to stay indoor. …

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During the time when owning a one-room flat was a luxury, big families tend to cramp and live together under one roof. The men folk always had to sacrifice and sleep in the kitchen. So Mat (not his real name) tried to make himself comfortable in the kitchen lying on the thin mattress with a …

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