During the time when owning a one-room flat was a luxury, big families tend to cramp and live together under one roof. The men folk always had to sacrifice and sleep in the kitchen. So Mat (not his real name) tried to make himself comfortable in the kitchen lying on the thin mattress with a bolster on his right.

It had always been a routine for him to read under the dim light of the kerosene lamp before going to sleep. On this fated night as he was reading one of his favorite book, he heard a clasp of thunder. It was extremely loud; it felt like a jet plane just flew over. Then he heard a ‘THUD!’ something fell…beside him!

An uneasy feeling overcome him, taking a deep breath he looked to his right and he saw his loyal bolster lying still beside him. Boy! Was he relieved! But as he glanced to his left…he saw another bolster… he looked up…thinking…recovering his thoughts.

His blood froze…that was no bolster on his left! That was a POCONG! Mat screamed and as quick as lightning, he ran out to the hall room tumbling over of his sleeping family members. They woke up to the sudden screaming only to see Mat diving onto them and a Pocong hopping following right behind him!!

Turn out there was a death that night of a neighbour living a few storeys below them. Seems like the spirit hopped too high and landed beside unlucky Mat. Or maybe it was confused thinking Mat’s bolster as one of its kind!?

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