Pochong On Trees?

I don’t think anybody would wanna believe a thirteen year old girl like me but this incident gets me shaken badly when i think about it. Last year, during the Nov/Dec holidays i was back in my grandmum’s kampong in malacca. For me, the kampong is a great place to explore and there are plenty of adventures stored deep in the forests.

Like any other girls i had cousins basically guys around the age of 16-18(not very sure). There are like 4 of them and we decided to go into the woods at about 12.30 a.m to fish as there was a river there. It sounds harmless doesn’t it? Well we could use the fish to actually barbecue or sumthin’ right? Wrong! We were warned even before the trip that we weren’t allowed to go into the forest at night as it is dangerous. Typical parents huh?? And of course we were the typical kids. Up to mischief all the time.


We sneaked out AT ABOUT 12.30A.M when everyone was asleep. We grabbed some burgers my cousin made earlier in the afternoon, torchs, fishing rods, snacks, and of course a styrofoam box. We creeped out and joyfully made our way into the dark forests. I wasn’t scared but i was thrilled and felt adventurous compared to hiding in a drain at night(done back in s’pore). We were all excited and made it through the forest safely. We fished for about 3 hours and caught about 13 fishes. We decided to leave before any of our parents found out. The forests was humid as the vegetation was dense. All of a sudden one of the trees shoke from left to right vigorously. There was no wind and there was no way the tree could have shaken vigorously. I shone my torch up on the tree and we were so shock as to find a “thing” which had features of a pocong siting on top of the tree with its leg folded(bersila) it was moving from left to right. We were so shocked that we ran and i actually peed.

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