Nan Hua Is Haunted!

This incidents happens when I was in sec 3 during camp. I joined NPCC as my uniform group.

The story begins… Our Officer in-charge had decided to have a 3-day camp in school. We were very excited on that day b’coz we heard a lot of scary stories about this school and we decided to investigate ourselves.

On the first nite, nothing really happens. We have our usual activities. But for the second nite, I and my two other friends (both of them are boys) have to guard the school. We are not allowed to sleep. We are supposed to guard only at the certain areas that is at the first gate which is located juz beside nan hua primary. For the first time, nothing really happens. But when I was about to go back to my campus to take my torclight b’coz I forgot to bring one, I saw a white figure outside the school gate. I talked to them about it but they seems to ignore me b’coz they were sleepy. I pray hard to god so that nothing’s really happens.

The school gate are so dark that we could hardly see the path we are walking. Then, I turn back to go to the campus where I am supposed to take my torchlight. This time nothing happens to me. But after I have taken my torch, I saw a white figure behind the school hall. The figure was facing our campus(my campus). It seems like pocong. But when I looked at it again, it is pocong.

I quickly rush back to the campus and wake up my friend. Initially, she was not sleeping. So, I showed her the place where I saw that thing. But she said there’s nothing there. And I myself can see that thing clearly. And how come she cannot see it?? Does it mean that only I’m the one who can see all these stuff??

After that, we decided to go to the toilet. And we headed back to our campus. When I looked again at the hall, that thing is still there. I was shivering until my officer came to know what was going on. But I juz said nothing. B’coz I thought that it might be my imagination. I ignored that thing and went back to guard till morning.

The next day, I told the story to my friends and some of them said that they even saw the white thing. From now, not even one person wants to camp in Nan Hua Secondary.

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