This story happened to my father, uncles and a cousin a long time ago.

At that time, my father was still living in a kampung called Kampung Berseri, at Jalan Bahar. I know that place because I had the chance to live in the Kampung during my childhood years. This was before everyone started to buy HDB flats.

At the back of the kampung, there was a bridge which leads further into the jungle. It was said that the bridge was the focal point of haunts where spirits gather on Thursday nights. It was located near my Grandma’s house. One night, my father, uncles and cousin, decided to play a round of carrom at the back of the house under the light of the kitchen door. As they were having fun, suddenly they felt a presence. All of them turned towards the bridge and to their shock, there was a white figure standing at the end of the bridge. My father realised that it was a Pocong! It started to jump like a zombie towards them. Seeing the figure making its way towards them, all of ran helter skelter into the house.

The next day, when they informed my grandparents of the incident, they were told that it was probably their aunt playing a trick on them. At first, they thought that it was a prank to make them go to bed early but when they went to meet the aunt, they were shocked to find out that she was suffering from a swollen foot and could not move vigorously for the last two days.

Ever since then, they never played carrom at the back of the house at night. And when my parents got married and lived in the house, as a kid, I was not allowed to wander around the back of the house alone.

The bridge still exists at the site even though the place looks deserted. I have been back there several times last year and thankfully, nothing bad or eerie happened to me. Up till now, no one could answer who or what was the thing at the bridge that night.

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