Just Beside

This incident happened to me when i was twelve. It was about 9p.m. when my mum received a call from her relative saying that her uncle(in malaysia) was terribly sick and was like going to die. So she had to quickly leave home to visit her uncle. Since i was the only child and was only 12, she had to bring me along.

After a long journey, in the car, we reached a stretch of road with a signboard saying “Pontian”. The name of this place resembles with the name of the malay vampire…pontianak. Just thinking of this name gives me the creeps. At that time, i was sitting alone in the rear seat of my dad’s car and was scared as i do not feel a sense of security. I cautiously moved towards my dad which was at the drivers seat and asked him why this placed is named so weirdly. But he just said don’t ask, it’s none of ur business anyway.

Upon hearing this, i knew that something was not right about this place and i realize that my father was driving at a much faster speed. It was then already about 11.30p.m. at night.

Just then, i heard a soft laughter coming from outside the window, i slowly turned towards the window. I spotted a “monster” with only it’s upper body, without it’s legs and so on. It has long hair and half of it’s face was skeleton! It was following my father’s car!! At that time, i was too shocked to move and i just couldn’t scream. I just sat there, not moving an inch, and my tears rolled down my cheeks rapidly. Suddenly the creature gave a loud scream which sounded like an evil laughter which alerted my father and mother which was at the front seat. My dad turned towards the source of the scream and he was so shocked that he lost control of his car for a while and the car just like went zig zag, but eventually he managed to stay calm and regain his control of his car. Without hesitation, my mother opened the window and lighted a match and threw it at the creature. The creature did budged a little but then soon continued to follow my dad’s car, just beside. My mother then recited the “Ayat Kursi” (a muslim prayer) loudly to ward away the thing. After some time, the thing flew back into the forest.

I witnessed the whole thing but i cannot say a word. Then my mom tried to calm me down and gave me some water and told me to forget the incident.

The next day, i had a high fever and vommitted several times, but after a few days i recovered but i still can’t get over the matter. Then my mom told me that sightings(which was then identified by my mum as a Pocong) is quite a common sight there but usually it was not violent. She also added that many accidents that lead to deaths happen there due to the curvy road there.

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