Seashell Park (Pasir Ris)

I live in Pasir Ris 4 about 5 years, one fine day, i was left alone at home as i am the only child.. at that time, my parent went to Johor. I remembered it was on a Thursday. That time, it was about 3 in the morning when i just put down the phone with my guy..

After talking on the phone for quite a while, i was about to sleep but then i felt thirsty so before going to bed, i went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When i enter the kitchen, i felt sumthing was about to happen and i had goosebumps.. After taking a glass of water, i heard something jumping. It was like there’s sumthing jumping right beside my ear. But i just ignore the sound and look outside the window to look out for my parent as i am worried about them. SUNDDENLY!!! I accidently turn my head towards the Seashell Park as it is right opposite my block. Guess what i saw… I saw “pochong” jumping up and down thru and fro around the Seashell Park. I think that is why i heard something jumping. Well i was like, OH MY GOD.. And as i was so scared, i began to say some prayers and close my eyes.

When i opened my eyes, i saw that “pochong” was standing at the playground pole slanting. As i was so scared, i called my parent and asked them to come back soon.. This is real no jokes. Not i’m the only one who saw that same “pochong” but my neighbours too… So i would like to advice to couples who like to go there, just think twice before you saw it…

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