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These stories were told to me by my mom… We have a relative who lives in a house on a hill, somewhere near the King’s istana, in Johor Bahru. The hill used to be a place where the Japanese did their mass shooting in World War 2. The house has many many types of ghosts which haunt it. So these are just a couple of them…

My cousin who lives in that house was about my age at that time. She had gone up to the attic to take something. The attic was a big place and had 3 rooms. She opened the sliding door to one of the rooms to get her stuff but she had the fright of her life when she did so. She saw a mysterious old lady sitting on a rocking chair . She had never seen that lady before nor did the rest of the family. The lady began to turn her head around to look at her but she fled before she could see more.

I had always liked coming to their house when I was very young because I liked to play with the Barbie Doll house in my cousin’s room. I don’t play with it now, especially after hearing what they had to say about it. At nights, when my cousin is about to go to sleep, the furniture and dolls in the dollhouse would start to move around. She would just pray and pray till the thing stops. Another incident that occured in the same room where she sleeps was when one evening, the maid was praying. They had two single beds which she was praying in front of. All of a sudden, a white figure appeared on one of the beds. The maid, cleverly remained calm and continued to pray. After a while, the figure floated out of the window…

Once, they had a problem with their kitchen sink. The pipe seemed to be jammed so they called in a plumber. The plumber arrived shortly and prepared to do his job. Little that he knew, the worst was going to come. His arm got stuck in the pipe. Somehow, he just got it stuck and his arm could not come out even though the family members all tried to help him. After hours of struggling, they called in experts such as firemen to help solve it but even they could not do so. Finally, his arm got free when they called in a bomoh.

One evening, the whole family was at home except my cousin. The maid, the father, the mother and a toddler boy was doing their own stuff. The mother and toddler were in the living room. The maid was doing the dishes, facing a window, while the father was at the dining table doing his work. He was facing the maid’s back. You know how you can get a reflection on the glass window if outside is dark and inside the house is lit? Well, the maid saw the mother walk behind the father and into the living room. The maid saw that through the reflection on the window, the woman was wearing red. Seeing the woman gone, she turned around just out of curiosity to ask her employer, “Was that M’am who was walking behind you just now?” He seemed confused and did not know or notice anybody walking behind him. The maid got suspicious and went to the living room to check. The M’am was there, alright, playing with the toddler but she was in white t-shirt and jeans. There was clearly no other woman in the house, much less, wearing red.

Then on another night, the maid was laying on her bed in the maid’s room. There were two children in the living room whom she had to take care of while the rest of the family were away. Suddenly, a “pochong” appeared and started hopping around the place. She kept mum and only feared for the kids who were playing in the living room. The “pochong” then hopped out into the living room and past the children. The children were innocent and did not know what they were seeing, but being kids, they drew what they saw. After the “pochong” disappeared, the adults came back and the maid reported the incident to them. The children showed what they drew to the adults and it did show a pochong – a human-like figure wrapped up in white cloth.

One strange incident happened to me when I was a baby. I was only about two months old at that time. My mom said she had brought me and the rest of the family to this house, in the evening, just to stop by on the way back to Singapore from KL. As we all started to leave later at night, I started to cry continously. She said, I couldn’t sleep for 3 consecutive nights after the visit…Creepy eh?

We haven’t visited the house for a long time so we haven’t heard of any latest incidents. If there are any, I’ll be sure to tell you people…

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