Jurong Port

This story was told to me by my cousin and I believe her because Jurong Port is a well known place for sightings. I’ve been there for jogs a few time and the place is indeed eerie. After this story, I stopped jogging there for good.

Late one evening, she and a group of her friends decided to go to Jurong Port to relax and hang out. They were sitting on two benches facing each other when one of her friends saw a couple jogging from a distance. They were hidden behind tall bushes and so could only see their faces. They were wearing white caps and nothing seemed weird then.

But at the exact moment, they heard jiggling of bells and it seemed to get louder each time. As the couple got nearer, her friend realised that they weren’t exactly jogging but more to jumping towards them. When the couple came into full view, he realised that they were pochongs and they were jumping nearer to them. The white ‘caps’ he saw they wore were actually the white cloths they were wrapped in. (by the way, jiggling of bells are often associated with female pochongs, not sure why). He managed to point them out to his friends and without hesitation, ran away. Lucky for them, the ‘things’ didn’t follow them back.

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