Pasir Ris Resort

Hi there. I guess by this time a lot of people must have known about the pochong story appearing many times at Pasir Ris Resort. I wouldn’t say which one though….i donno if this is mild but just imagine…..

Anyway this story really freaked me out and if people out there who don’t noe wat a pochong is, well let just say ‘it’ is covered up with white clothing except for the face and yeah ‘it’ JUMPS.

This story was told by my frend’s sister’s fiancee. And it has something to do with the tape they (Fiancee’s relatives) captured on film. Anyway, the family was having a barbeque outside and was having a great time. This was about 9 plus at night. Suddenly, one of the family’s child came out of the resort and looking paled mumbling “Pochong….”

The dad quickly took a video camera and left it inside the resort while all of them looking scared. They all never went inside and stayed outside with the others hoping the ‘thing’ never went out. The day came where everybody was ready to see wat happened with the pochong captured on tape. This was wat they found…

The pochong was there, all right, jumping at one spot at the backyard of the resort(u noe they have this clear sliding glass door to the backyard). The tape was somehow ‘alive’. Because everytime the family played the tape, the pochong would be on different spots! I donno if they still had the tape, my dad insisted on borrowing the tape but…Dont think so!

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