Legend Of Kum Kum

A lot of people might have heard about the Pontianak but have you ever heard of the ghost called, ”Kum Kum”?

Kum Kum is a ghost that wanders in Malaysia and sometimes Singapore for blood from young girls to retain back her lost youth. How did she get her name, ”Kum-kum”, you may ask? She was named as ”Kum-kum” as her deformed face affected her to say the proper greetings , ”as-salam-mualaikum”, but only just a simple ”kum kum”.

Legend has it that once, she used to be a beautiful woman but she was never satisfied with her good looks. As time flies, her looks faded as she gets older. In order to retain and restore back her beauty, she consulted a bomoh ( a witch doctor ) that practices black magic. The bomoh agreed to help her and gave her a elixir to drink and warned her to not look at the mirror for a month/a year? So, time passes by and whenever the woman touches her skin, she felt that the wrinkles had disappeared and her skin gets softer and smoother which led her to be tormented by curiosity. And that was when people start complimenting her looks. On that 29th day, enough is enough and she sneaked a peek in the mirror.

Suddenly, the mirror cracked and so did the woman’s face 🙁 Within seconds, the woman’s face broke out blisters, scars and terrible things. She became extremely hideous to look at. So in her own desperation, she ran back to the bomoh and begged him to help her to retain back the beauty but sadly, the bomoh told her that he could not do anything for her and the only way to get back her beauty was to drink or spread blood from young girls onto her face.

And that was when the story of Kum Kum began. She attack on young girls for the sake of getting back her beauty so do be careful whenever your leaving or returning back home late at night. And never in a once, open the door if someone knocks it and greets, ”Kum-kum” because who knows it might be the Kum Kum or some prankster?

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