Hi everyone! Today, I’m not gonna share any stories but ways to protect yourself from this violent ghosts such as one : Pontianak.

If you are new to the supernatural world, you have to adapt and know their weaknesses in case you meet them if they’re bad or evil spirits. Okay, back to the topic. If you don’t know what Pontianak is, it’s commonly believed that this woman are the victims who have trouble but then perish during their childbirth. They will then continue to be a Pontianak if they do not have a proper ritual when they’re laid in the graves. When they turn one, they’re then demonic violent vampires who will determine to suck a lot of blood and steal babies from ladies who already give birth to one. Their victims are mainly man, pregnant ladies.

To identify one, you will see them as usually sexy looking woman with pale looking face which look like a sheet of a paper or a milk, long hair and white clothing. Sometimes, may be included by a frangipani smell but then most time followed by an awful stench.

And, to know whether a Pontianak will appear near, the cry of a baby is soft but to identify if it’s far, it should be loud.

To fend off a Pontianak, include a sharp item with you (examples: nails, kitchen knife, scissors *make sure it’s not a toy type* , pliers, thumbtacks, penknife or more) as they are usually scared or fear sharp items. Another is to plunge or insert nails into the hole of her neck which will make her look beautiful but harmless. The last is funny but a little embarrassing! Bear your breasts! This will make the Pontianak ashamed! But if your daring or brave enough, try it 🙂

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