Where Are They

This happens when my father is still young…He told me this story about his brothers..There was this once…my grandmother..whom is my father’s mum..she was sent to the hospital cause she have this asthma attack..so..all my dad’s sisters and brothers gathered at the hospital..I forget what hospital it is…Then…my father warn his little brothers not to wounder around as it is going to be evening soon ( maghrib )…but his brothers never listen to him…then..three of them went loitering around..Then they decided to play hide and seek..

Behind this hospital..there is a forest…they decided to play there..tThen one of them became the catcher..and the other two..hide..I will name them..udin, upi & johar..Udin is the catcher…upi and johar had to hide…They stick together when they are hiding because they are scared..

The sun is setting down and the sky is getting dark..After udin has counted until 20…he tries to find both of them..After he found them..he told them that he wants to go back to the hospital cause is is getting late..They could not find the way out ..so..they go to one end to the other end..then they are tired they are stuck at the centre of the forest..

While at the hospital… My dad..his two older brother was looking at the clock…One of them uncle jaapar..told my granfather..whom is his father..that he is feeling uneasy..My father decided to look for them…then…after looking around at the hospital..they still cannot find their brothers..Then uncle jaapar told both of them…to look at the forest behind the hospital..They went separate ways…but still could not find them…Then…while searching..they meet each other..They went looking together..It was dark..then…there is this round hole..There are 5 of them..All five are covered..My dad opened the first one…nothing was in it..then..my uncle open the other…nothing…then the other one open..the third one…there…all three…in the hole…hugging each other…crying…

Then when they went back home…my grandfather questioned them…they just kept quiet..Not a single word they said..

Then suddenly one by one started vomiting(between this three only)..my grandfather asked what they have eaten..then..only they tell..

While sitting under a tree..there is this old grandmother…walked passed them…She asked them..why they are sitting here…They told her that they had lost their way..Then..this old lady bring all three..to her house..They said the house is terrible..A very old house..Then.. she gave them this mee…They ate it..Then they told my grandfather that she actually never give them..mee..but..worm..they have to eat it..because she force them..Suddenly..they faint..When..they woke up..they find themselves at the hole..

My grandfather..just kept quiet…without saying any word..he..ask them…to take a shower..

This is a true story..told by my father..

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