Singapore General Hospital

This happen last year when my fren is having her last nite in SGH…. it’s a true story dat will give u goosebump all over……..

Around 11pm, she was suppose to stock up some pampers for the next day.. so she bring along a trolley with her n while she was taking the pampers, she saw lady in BLACK with a BLONDE hair waving at her…… My fren was surprised coz there were no visitors at that time…… sooo she juz walk away…… When she return to the nursery, the staff nurse asked her why is her face pale….. My fren juz blurted nothing..

At 2am, the staff nurse asked her to take 2 babies from room 21 n 17… n guess what she saw….. There standing at the counter talking to the staff nurse, was the BLONDE GAL who waved her dat time……. My fren juz walk away n went to the room to take the babies……. When she have take the babies, the BLONDE GAL followed her….. My fren walked as quickly as she can…….

When my fren have entered the nursery, the BLONDE GAL smiled at her n walked away within 5 mins time….. Then my fren asked the staff nurse that she had spoken to the BLONDE GAL N she told my fren that the GAL had juz visited her sista from room 13 n she was asking the direction of the toilet and my fren was shocked coz there’s NOONE IN ROOM 13…… sooooo all of them decide to checked out the toilet n they found out that the cubicle in toilet was locked… They waited outside n when they went in the toilet back, to find a pool of blood at the sink…… n the BLONDE GAl smiling erriely behind them…!

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