ICU Ward

Hello everyone its me again. This story was relate to me by my father who was recently very sick and has to be warded in the Intensive Care Unit in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Well here goes…After the effect of the medicine has worn off…my dad woke up from his 2 dayz sleep. He toss and turn around in the bed as he felt very uncomfortable with all the drips and oxygen wires. He looked at the clock and it shows that it was past 2 in the morning and his stomach was growling.

Looking out from his ‘cage’, he heard somebody saying, ‘Roti, roti, sapa nak beli roti saya’? (Bread, bread, who wanna buy my bread?). My dad saw a figure with a basket on top of his head. He was sure that was the seller. He signalled at the figure to come. The figure ‘walked’ at a very fast speed towards my dad. Upon reaching the door of my father’s ‘cage’, the figure disappeared. My father was confused. He felt disappointed. The next mornin when we visited him, He relate the story to us. My mom were silence all along. Upon reachin home, she told us that wat my father may be ‘seeing’ is ‘not human’.

She further told us that ICU wards r always unclean as there were frequent deaths in the wards. Well, it certainly leaves a deep memory in my father’s mind. BEWARE!!! ICU WARDS R HAUNTED!!

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