Guard At Changi Hospital

A security guard has been working at the hospital for many years… and some say HE STILL WORKS THERE EVEN THOUGH the HOSPITAL HAS CLOSED..

My Dad used to work at the hospital before its closure hence i would often visit him there. I could still remember at that time there was a old security guard who works there for many years. Months before the hospital moves, my dad had a casual chat with that guard (i am presence too) so when they reach the topic about the movement of the hospital, the guard say things like ” I AM VERY SAD… ONCE THE HOSPITAL SHIFTED, I WILL BE OUT OF JOB…. REALLY CAN”T BEAR TO LEAVE THIS PLACE.”

Recently me and a group of friends visited the abandoned hospital at Changi. Things was still smooth when we explore the first and second level. There were 16 of us and sadly to say we only got two torch with us… THings WeNT wRoNg WHeN we Went up to the Third LeVEl… After Exploring and found nothing we decided to leave … BUt it seems that our torch are getting weak and One was spoilt. We went round and round for 15min ++ but we still can’t find the exit. Some girls in the group started to panicked… To Our Amazed a guard came up the stairs but he was not holding any torch .. it was rather dark and we couldn’t see him clearly. I was among the last few to go down the stairs. As we reach the ground floor, the girls IN the front STARTED shouting AND RUNING AWAY … we at the back didn’t know wat had happen but to play safe, we ran as well.. After getting to a bus stop down the hill, then the girls said that when thay reach the ground floor, they saw the SECURITY GUARD HAS NO LEGS but only the shoes attached to the pants.

THat night, I was very suspicious as in who that GUY WAS… so i casually ask my dad about him and he reply “HE PASS AWAY LIAO … ” I was shocked and till now i still wonder whether was it him that night who save us from the lost ????

Alot of people has met the security guard too. Go and ask your friends who visited the place…………………………..

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