Hospital Ghost

I admit that i’m a skeptic all my life. I didn’t really believe in ghost or other familiar nonsence. But an incident that happened recently had me change my mind about being a skeptic. It happened like this…

My mom was sickly and I had to accompany her to the hospital now and then. She had to go through kimotherapy every week at Changi Hospital. As usual I had to wake up around seven in the morning to get prepared for her visit to the hospital. I would wash the laundry and prepare some breakfast for my mom before going to the hospital. We would reach the hospital at around eight and i had to wait for her treatment for two hours before getting home.

One day, I was waiting at the waiting room for my mom to finish her treatment, i heard footsteps coming towards me. I wasn’t shocked becaue it was eight in the morning and i don’t believe in ghosts. But as i turn and looked, I saw my mom walking towards me. I stood up and tried to hold her hand but to my surprise, my ‘mom’ wasn’t really my mom. It’s was something that looks my mom but it wasn’t. I was shocked and entered the therepy room finding my mom was still in the therapy. So i went out of the room but the ‘mom’ wasn’t there. A nurse soon approach me to say that my mom just died as the radiation she was going through was too high.

I finally thought to myself that the ‘mom’ was perhaps my mom’s spirit saying her last goodbye to me. I was so devastated by the tragedy and I started believing in the unknown.

I hope that this story inspired the skeptics out there that the unknown does exist.

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