Old Changi Hospital

Its was about 10am in the morning. Due to some boreness some of my friends decided to go to old changi hospital to see see look look. Cause about our age, we are curious about ghost.

When we reach there, we just walk at the street. Not yet enter the building. My friends and i saw one lady taking fruits and flowers actually came forward to us and ask us if this is changi hospital and we noded.. That lady told us that the guard actually don’t let her enter cause its lock now. That lady actually told us that she recieve a call from her friend who actually met an accident. So she bought flowers and fruits to visit her. My friends and i were feeling kinda uneasy. And begin to walk away. Instead she catch up with us and ask why the guard didn’t want to let her go in and visit her friend. We told her that we don’t know anything and begin to walk to the other building which is building 4 & 5 further down the road. But instead, we walk into another street which is the government resort. We saw a yellow building.

From what we heard from our other friends, that building is use by the japan occaption during world war 2. We walk very quietly. But, out of a sudden, we all heard some one shouting command and we heard someone marching. While all of us were exploding the buildings, we saw some make-ups which were use during the japanese occaption. The make-ups were actually very out dated as in the type of colours and the cover. After hearding the marching, all of us ran out of the building.

This story is real. Is either you believe it anot… thanks for spending your time reading this story……….

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