Who Did It

This story was encountered by my brother’s friend. My brother’s CCA was NCC. So,last 5 June, he went to a 15 days OBS course in Brunei Darussalam with 15 other NCC and NPCC members from other schools in Singapore. On the 6th day, they went into the forest to learn some new skills as what they went there for..They stayed in a house(I also don’t know what they call that but it’s like where the ARMY stays)like in a platoon…On the first day there, all the NCC and NPCC members and their Brunei OBS mates were walking in a group talking “junks..making jokes”. It was about 8.45pm. For us in Singapore was still early to sleep..so they walk together in a crowd and suddenly, the lights went off. My brother’s 3 Brunei sirs called out and told all of them to get to sleep immediately.

So, my brother and his 11 other NPCC and NCC mates was in one room..the others in other rooms.. His Chinese friend decided not to sleep on the bed/bunk provided so he put his sleeping bag on the floor and sleep on it between his bed and his mate’s bed. The next morning, he found himself sleeping on his bed and his sleeping bag outside the room in the middle of the path. He actually don’t know what happened that night. He told the Brunei sir what happened and they just kept quiet. On their last day there, the Brunei sir told them that the place where they stayed is like that. Sometimes the lights came off by itself without anyone operating it..so that’s the story..

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