St John’s Island Incident

Hello there, been reading all these ghost stories, and felt that I just HAD to contribute at least something. So here goes…

I guess people out there would know about St. John’s island, or may have even been there to have their school camps or such. Well, I had my secondary 3 school camp there, it was fun and with a touch of weirdness as well. Basically, the area of the of the camp is such that, there are two routes to go down to the small stretch of beach located at the bottom of the camp site, one was a longer route, and the other, a shortcut. The longer route, when taken, just leads directly to the bottom of the camp, the shortcut, when taken, passes dormitory number 13. Being lazy ‘ole me, I took the shortcut that day and passed dorm number 13 with a few other mates of mine. So, as I was just walking down with them, my eyes wandered into the windows of dorm 13. I didn’t see anything strange, nothing out of place, all that I saw were bunks, cupboards, chairs and other sorts of stuff, neatly stacked in the dorm. Without much thought, I just continued to walk down to the beach.

About 5 to 10 mins later, I rememberd that I had left something in my dorm, so unwillingly, I trudged uphill back to the footpath that led me to pass dorm 13 again. As I was walking pass the dorm again, my eyes as usual, wandered, and looked through the windows of the dorm. ALAS!! THE DORM WAS EMPTY!! At first, I didn’t think much about it, until the camp ended, and all of us students were on our way back to singapore on the ferry. We were all talking about the weird stuff that happened and someone mentioned about dorm 13 being haunted. So I thought about what I saw, dorm 13 being empty and stuff, and my brain did like a spin and went: “Hang on!! How on earth did the dorm get empty so fast??!!! For starters, there’s no one but us on the camp site, so no one else could have been asked to move the stuff from the dorm!! Also…to move all that in less then 10 mins???!!!…IMPOSSIBLE!!”…

Well, that’s it mates, my story, may not be the best, but just thought to write something.

PS: I have come to know that the number 13 in the tarot cards means

“The Grim Reaper”…yah folks, DEATH…

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