Lady In White

This story, or more likely, and experience, of mine happened during a camp organised by my brother and his ITE friends. They were having their term break and my brother, IW, decided it’s good for his friends to experience the hard life of camping at Pulau Ubin. His idea was to set up a camp near this well, situated a kilometre northeast from the quarry. The thought itself was kinda cool and I wanted to go, also my brother needed someone who was experienced in jungle camping (I was in the NCC). Although my term break was over, I decided to skip my poly classes to go for this hell…at least I thought it wouldn’t be.

The day of preperations came and we met at the pier. Me and my bro was surprised a few of his friends bought liquor with them and another brought his girlfriend along with him. We couldn’t do anything to stop them now so nontheless, we took a ride on the boat and reached P. Ubin, abt 2pm. I checked in with the Coast Guard and they told us the well and quarry area was fenced now and we were forced to camp at Noordin beach. Yeah great….sand in my toes… We set up and rested till the break of dawn where I had my ablution before praying inside my own tent. When finished, I got out and was surprised to see my bro’s friends drinking. I told them this is not the place to do such things as you would invoke the ‘natives’ but hell like they cared.

Between naps and pukes, one of them spoke about having a ‘Night Walk’. 2am in the morning? Fine and they agreed. Being the only one clean, I took the last man standing line. I was the last one walking. It was believed that the first person will see that thing and the last man will feel it’s torture. Screw that..we walked from Noordin, to a road where not a single street lamp stood to light our parh. All was dark and we only had 1 torchlight with us. We passed the toilet and went ahead. To our left, thick jungle and to our right, even thicker jungle. There was 9 of us. Yes. ODD. The girl who was with us was being a pain in the ass but suddenly we heard a faint, chilling sound of a baby’s cry and there was this sweet smell in the air. We stopped and I did too but when I took another step forward, there was a smell of stale blood and we heard a woman’s laughter coming from above us. We all froze where we were until someone, obviosuly drunk, pointed to our right.

We turned and saw a woman drapped in white with long hair covering her face. Her stomach was bleeding and she was waving at me. Without a moment to spare, they all turned around and walked really fast, leaving me the last one to pursue but holding hands, we managed to keep ourselves together. My brother was really gripping me hard as I followed behind all of them. I could feel it following us, no footsteps…just a feeling. When we almost reached our campsite, we look at the toilet and saw a woman standing at the entrance. We quickly got to out campsite and everyone but me, got into the tents. I was alone but undisturbed. I sat at the beach and thought about other things.

While outside the tents, I could hear them singging, as though trying to calm their nerves. In the end, I was told to pray in the tent to pacify the situation. So I did pray in the tent…with a noise of someone scrathing on the tent roof. Boy…such luck.

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