Woke Up From Death

This is actually not a ghost story but a weird incident happened to my grandmother more than 30 years ago. She was than 8 months pregnant with her second child. One fine morning, she was with her husband and her 2 year old son. My grandfather was feeding my uncle when suddenly my grandmother felt her head was spinning. The next moment she collasped on the ground. She was than taken to the nearest hospital. The doctors tried hard to revive my granny and sadly the doctors came out from the emergency ward and said to my grandpa that she was dead. The doctor could not decide the cause of death. The baby in my grandmother stomach was still alive so they were preparing for caesarian. When suddenly my grandmother woke up.everyone was shocked as the doctors confirmed that there were no pulse and now she was awoke and breathing. She later vomitted out which could feel up one whole pail. Later she told her husband what actually happened to her when she was actually pronounced dead. She said that she was in a place where there was a big pot filled with vegetable soup. There was a big spoon in which a person was feeding her the soup and some other person who was around.she felt like she was in heaven. The vomitted stuff was actually the vegetable soup she ate in so called the heaven. This same incident happened to her when she was 40 plus years old. Till now it is unexplainable why this incident happened to her.

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