Woodland Blk 852

In Woodland, there is this block of flat which is vacant, stairs blocked and the every door sealed with wood. It was rumoured that occupants keep selling the flats and it became lesser and lesser people buying it and HDB therefore planned to tore down the entire block for other development. The purportedly haunted block had been left empty for a few years and if i remember correctly, it should be just right after the SARS period which was in 2003.

I’ve heard stories about flats being unoccupied in Singapore because of spooky events like for example there is one in Bedok Reservoir and there is also one in Potong Pasir. The strangest thing of all is if a building is waiting to be demolished, why are there a need to shut the access of those flats out by putting wooden planks all over the windows and doors in the buildings?

Anyway i went to check it out with a couple of my friends and found out that the lifts had already stopped owrking and the stairway had been sealed with metal grills so we can’t get into the block. But i have heard of stories of people who went to explore the flat in the past while the lifts were still working and the joke was they took the lift up and came down by the stairs only to realise the stairs were lock at the 1st storey so they got to climb up to 5th storey to take the lift but apparently at 5th storey the lift doesn’t respond to the button.

I have also heard of a salesman who took the lift up without knowing the block of flats were not occupied only to found out the entire block is dark and empty.

But an interesting story told by an old lady who were living nearby to my friend said that when they were building the church, there was a gigantic rock at the site and they took a lot of troubles to remove it at the end. What happened was in that rock lived some spirits and as such, the spirits moved to BLK 852 instead and there was incidents of residents seeing spirits in their own house and after much complain, the government decides to seal up the entire block to be demolished.

So which is the true story? We probably will never know but what i do know is the block is damn scary even just looking at it!

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