Blk 97 Lorong 3 Toa Payoh

My house is opposite the main road. Whenever I reached home, I could see my bedroom window from below the block that is. Firstly, the area in which i lived is badly lit but I got used to it however.

As usual, I would look up and see my bedroom window when I was walking towards my blk at around 1 a.m to see who’s home. Like always, my room is dark. Maybe all of my family is in the living room or fast asleep. But when I look again, I feel that there is someone watching me in between the curtains. I smiled… not thinking of anything else, I thought it’s one of my sis or something busy spying on me as my boyfriend sent me home with his bike and they always seemed to bother so much about me as a pillion. Then, the person suddenly closed back the curtains.

When I reached home, my parents are asleep in their own room and only my first sis is awake watching tv in the living room. All my other sis already went to sleep. Then I casually said to my first sis as I walked in, “How do u know I am coming back… sibuk aje.. nak tengok matair aku cakap ah..tak payah nak jengok2” (english translation: “Stop being a busybody, if you want to see my boyfriend just tell me ah…don’t peep”).

My sis with her half awake half asleep face looked at me as if i’m crazy. Maybe she’s tired to argue she just said, “Shut up ah..”. I passed it off… not thinking anything about it.

Several nights when I came back late, I would look up and saw the curtain moved as if someone just finished peeping on me. I always, always kept thinking it’s my family member but when I reached home I’ve forgot about the whole thing and didn’t even bother to ask until one day where I realised….

The usual, it happened again.. this time i’m sure it’s in the sillouette of my mum or first sis (they looked alike)… as the room’s light is switched off, I can’t make it out clearly. Thinking it’s my mum, I waved at her and smiled. She did not waved back instead she backed away from the window as if disgusted. I thought maybe because she saw me riding on the bike and coming back late.. that is why she’s pissed off.

When I reached home, I searched for my keys to unlock my front door but I can’t find it and am very lazy to search for it so I just decided to ring the bell since I thought my mum is home. I ring the bell but nobody opened the door for me. I ring and ring frantically as at that moment i really need to pee. Nobody answered. That’s strange…. I decided to look from the spaces below the door.. but my house is pitch dark as if nobody’s home. Then it occured to me… I suddenly feels scared.. for the first time!

Not knowing what to do, I go down to the public phone and called my boyfriend (my hp was totally dead – low batt) it was around 12.30 at that time. Luckily, my oyfriend just rode off (he usually waits for me to get to the lift before riding off) and still in the area. He sensed that something is amiss from the way I talked… he says i sounded shaky… I AM SHAKY!!

He immediately came back to my block and I asked him to sent me to my aunt’s house immediately. Along the way, I told him what happened. As soon as I reached my aunt’s place, she said luckily I came back to her house as nobody’s at home and my parents tried to contact me but can’t reached me as they might be back late cause they are having supper or something with their friends… my other sis is out also wif their boyfriend. She told my aunt to try calling me too. You must know how I feel when I hear that… I feel so scared even to go back home ever!!… I told the incident to my aunt and she said maybe it’s my imagination. Nobody believed me… even my boyfriend seemed to ignore it.

I later told all my sis about the incident and asked if they ever in any occasion saw me coming back home through the curtains… they all said “Eh.. we got no time to peep at you!” ….

Now, whenever I came home late… I tell my boyfriend to drop me off at the next blk. I didn’t mind walking a bit rather than have to see the bedroom window whenever I get back home.

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