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This incident happened when i was alone at home when my parents went back to johor for a week.

My parents will usually go back to Johor to attend some stuff over there every year .I would rather stay home than follow them. It was okay for me to be left alone at home but until one night i was shocked by this incident. Until now i can’t forget about the recurring image in my mind.

It was around 1am. I can’t sleep. My eyes was heavy but still couldn’t sleep.No good shows on the tv. So i just lie on the bed and shut my eyes.The weather was rather warm that night, not very usual i was thinking. I would usually sleep on the floor when it is hot and humid so thats what i did.

So i just tossed and turned as my eyes couldn’t get to sleep. Now my head is getting heavier.Then out of sudden, i heard a stomping on the ground as if someone was running towards me! I feel like as if it was running furiously at me(I was living on the 5th floor,so u know how is the echo bounching off the wall).I remembered that it was around 2am at that time and I was rather sleepy that time. And at the corner of my eyes i noticed a shawdow standing there so i said to myself “What the fcuk do i do now?”.

The shadow was not moving. It was just standing there.It was just beside me and i was lying down with my eyes half shut with blankets covering a good part of my view.I felt really uneasy and i didn’t even dare to move. There was nobody at home so it was my dad and it was not my mum. I started to peek outside my blanket now and i was quite shocked to see the length of this shadow thing to be as tall as almost touching the ceiling!

I started to panicked.The thing that make me feel like peeing my pants was that i had heard about my mum saying once she saw shadows in my room when i was not in. My heart was racing and i just close my eyes and say some prayers. I fell asleep soon after and when i woke up, it is already 7am. I felt relieved and when my parents returned, i spoke to them and they promised to get the house “cleaned” by some bomohs. To this day i wondered what would i have seen if i were brave enough to remove my blanket? Some friends to me it should be a “Penunggu” or a Jinn i might describe it. Many called it “Makhluk halus”. In every house there would be “someone” guarding over.So when will you be meeting your “Penunggu”? Maybe tonight if you dare to remove your blanket..

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