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I have been thinking for a suitable name to blend the character of the star of this new story of mine. The name should be able to bring up a person that is well educated, with highly paid income but greedy and stubborn. Hmmm…I think Durai is a perfect name to use. Well, Durai is a middle age man who is single and is now living with his mother in a private estate. He always wanted to spend his excess saving on a HDB flat near his mum’s home for investment but was unable to carry out because he was too busy with his works. Just recently, he was posted back to take charge of the Asia market and thus he has more time in town. So, for the next couple of weeks, Durai spent most of his night and weekend visiting the HDB re-sales unit for a dream home of his own.

After a few round of extensive selection, valuation and consideration, he finally decided to buy a flat that has been vacant for years and the price was relatively cheaper. The reason for the unit to be vacant was unknown. The day he got an appointment to visit the flat with the HDB officer was a little strange but it doesn’t bothered to a non religious man like him. That day, the sky was sunny and the sun was shining bright on the greenery along his way to his new flat with his mother. But when they first stepped into the new flat, the cloud moved and blocked the sun from shining and thus the flat inside suddenly turned out to be darker and cooler even without any curtains by the window. Older people usually don’t like this type of feeling especially if it is about their first visit to a new home. He insisted to buy the flat partly because the flat was not furnished and was almost empty and it would cost lesser to refurnish it. Just that night, Durai had a weird dream. He dreamt of a man at about his age asking him “How is it? Are you coming?”

A day was fixed by the HDB for his keys collection. His mother was especially instructed him to bring a packet of salt to throw all corners inside his new flat to ward off any bad luck or spirits or whatever you can imaging. But Durai was stubborn enough to ignore his mother instruction. All because he don’t have a religion and he is only have himself to believe. Durai went to the flat himself after collecting the keys and he stayed inside the flat for quite a while to figure out the concept of the renovation. Don’t know why the flat is noticeably darker even the sky outside is sunny. Sun lights just don’t seem to shine into this unit. But to him, the solution is to add more lighting to brighten up. Nothing seems too unusual. He walked into every room one after another. However, he realized that one of the rooms is unusually cooler than the other. No, he never thought that the room temperature does make any difference with his life later. In fact, he was happily thought that he could gain more saving from the power bill due to the natural cool of the room. That night, Durai had the weird dream again. He dreamt the same man asking him the same question “How is it? Are you coming?”

Durai holds a key position in a big organization. He has thousand of work force works under his command. As such, nobody can change his mind once he has made a decision even his mother. Few months later, the renovation work was completed. Durai would made short stay in his new home once awhile if he is in town. Whenever he is out of town, one of his sisters who is a housewife would go over to his new home to help tidy up his flat because a single man is usually cannot tidy up a flat properly . One day, as usual his sister went and help tidy up her brother’s flat when Durai was away to Malaysia. The flat was still new and therefore it was not very dusty; but she would still try to reach every corner to make sure it is sparkling clean. Suddenly, her attention was caught by the featured wall made up of nine pieces of mirror in the dining room. It is not because the mirror was dusty; it is because she saw a palm printed on the clean mirror. The palm print was about a size of a little child and it was nicely printed at a height that only an adult can reached . She was first puzzle but soon turned worry and frighten. She is now recalled what her mother said and her disapproval of the flat. Beside that, she don’t remember Durai mention anything about his flat. She knew something could be not right and she also believed that her brother will never bring up any unusual matter because he wouldn’t believe it.

Durai’s sister was very concerned about his safety. She tried to convince him to seek consultation from a medium but failed. Nevertheless, Durai only agreed on inviting his company staffs to come over his flat for a casual gathering. This might help ward off the spirits or any‘ying qi’ inside the flat with the help of stronger ‘yang qi’ from his invited guests. Well, the day for the party came. Most of his guests that night were guy from his company. They cracked peanuts, bottoms up mugs filled with beer while watching the English Premiere League on a big screen. Not long after midnight, the power supply to the entertainment ceased. They checked and realized that a safety switch in the DB was trip. They re-activated it but it would trip again after awhile. They thought that the power supply is overloaded and therefore they try to cut down the usage by switching off some unwanted appliances. But, the situation just doesn’t improved, the DB trip again and again even after they had done switching off almost all the electrical appliances in the flat. They soon left the ‘indoor stadium’ and leave the problem to an electrician. The next day, the electrician met Durai’s sister when she was there to help tidy her brother’s junk flat. The electrician checked all the circuits but could not find any fault from the supply. And his sister was taking special notice to the mirror wall. She checked and sniff through every single inch of the mirror for palm. At the height of her kneels level, she found a fresh palm print again but this time it was a size of an adult’s palm. The palm size was bigger than the previous one and it was more visible. Thus, she inspects the print closer to see if she could spot anything. The palm was nicely printed onto the mirror. Have you tried making a palm print onto a clean mirror? Try putting your palm onto the mirror, hold it there for awhile before you let go. The result is you don’t usually get a nicely shaped palm on the mirror. All you could see is only a few fingers prints plus part of your palm. This is natural because human give out heat from our body and of course included palms. However, the palm print that appears in the Durai’s home was really very amazing. the shape was nicely printed; really, I saw it in my own eyes. Only a palm that is cold and doesn’t give out heat can produce that type of flawless print on the mirror. Too bad, I didn’t have a digital camera then to capture that image for you to see. Anyway, she share her discovery with the electrician hoping that he could give some advises to her. The electrician is one of our helper in our temple. He was shocked to see the palm on the mirror and he share with her that her brother’s flat is indeed a bit weird. During the period of renovation work, the electrician would stayed up for the whole night after his each visit to the flat during the day. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get himself into sleep that night. And this happened if only he visited the flat.

His sister knew exactly what she needs to do now. She went and discussed this with her mother and later they decided to come to our temple for consultation through the help of the electrician. Dua Ya Pek was invited to chair the session. After some intensive checked on the location, Dua Ya Pek found out that the unit in question is in the way to the gate of hell. This also means that there are hundred or thousand of spirits walked pass the flat everyday. Those spirits were just passing by and generally they are harmless. However, it is not advisable for human to live inside a flat with spirits eventhough they may be harmless. The unbalance of ‘yin’ ? and ‘yang’ ? could ultimately affect the health or the luck of the person living inside the flat. The bad news is, the gate of hell cannot be relocated. The good news is, for the case of Durai, the problem can be fixed with offering a ‘Cheng Wang’ ?

? deity inside the flat. That would certainly help balancing the ‘yin’ ? and ‘yang qi’ ?? of the flat. But too bad, the latter suggestion would never be approved by the flat owner. Well, we can’t force Durai to swallow everything we said if he doesn’t believe. We can only leave the rest to fate.

Durai’s mother was helpless. Selling off the flat is definitely out of question. All she could do now is to persuade him to rent the unit out quickly which was also a plan intended by Durai for extra income. But, none of the tenants he rented to stayed more than 2 months and he had since changed 3 different tenants within a period of 6 months. All of his ex-tenants complained that his home is too noisy to sleep at night. They describe it as like sleeping along a busiest street in the world.

Due to the nature of his job, Durai travels frequently to our neighboring country for business and he like to drive up north in his sports car, When he come back, he would usually ‘da pao’ pumped extra petrol into a spare container for used to refill his tank later. One sunny day, as usual, Durai parked his car onto his mother’s private car pouch. He took out the spare container filled with petrol which he bought from JB during his last visit. He then starts to pour the petrol into his car petrol tank by a plastic funnel. He had been doing this for many times and he can handle it very well. But this time, a slight haze and a careless mistake he made turn out to be a disaster to him. In order to check if the tank was already filled, he did something he never had done it before. He took out a lighter from his pocket and he ignited a flame near to his car petrol tank and put his naked face closed to it just to look into the hole. The petrol tank he was looking at was emitting flammable gas and thus at a flash of a heat, Durai was engulf by a ball of flame. His upper part of the body was caught in the fire very quickly. His family members heard his screaming and dashed out to see him rolling in pain on the floor. An ambulance was dispatch to the scene speedily. His housewife sister accompanied him into the ambulance. Although Durai was badly burnt from the upper part of his body, he was still conscious. I think he must be struggled to be stayed conscious. Why? Because he had a very important word for his sister. He said “jie, if anything bad would to happen to me, remember to dump everything from my flat. I think those things are stained and I don’t want you to bring back to mom’s home.” Although his sister was very distraught at this time but she try to make him speak out more information pertaining to his new flat since he want to talk now. The next thing he said with a whisper tone was “jie, I think you might be right, the flat is dirty, I kept dreaming a middle age man asking me how is it and am I going since the first day I went to the flat. I also discovered palm prints on the mirror wall but I dare not to tell you.”

Durai’s voice got weaker and weaker. By the time the ambulance reached the hospital, he was almost in a state of semi coma. His sobbing housewife sister was the only one heard his untold dreams and the only one in his family to see him wheeled into the operating theatre alive.

Durai was put into an intensive care unit for better observation. His distraught mother and sister are now making an urgent appointment to see our Dua Ya Pek in our temple. All the temple helpers were activated to report for duty in an hour time. As usual, we setup the altar in our temple for Dua Ya Pek but this time, we have another guest to invite. It was Durai. Yes, we were instructed to find out the type of foods, drinks and brand of cigarette he used to smoke so that we could invite his soul into our temple more smoothly. Beside that, not to forget the officers that escorts him to our temple. We have to offer them with wine, food and some incense papers just outside our temple. That was to make the officers feel respected. Respected is a term they use, bribery is the term we use. Haha

Anyway, it didn’t take us very long to invite Durai’s soul into our temple. Our Dua Ya Pek had a word with him. Their communication was soundless. The only sound we heard was from the abacus seeds and sobbing sound from his mother and sister. The whole session didn’t take very long to end. But it end with a man’s life taken away. Durai was very badly burnt. As such, Dua Ya Pek gave him a chance to choose for himself whether to stay alive disfigures or leave the world with a nice memory to other. Durai, a perfectionist chose the lattar.

The next day, our temple was told by his sister that Durai had passed away in the morning. Well, the middle age man in his dream is now firmed that he is going. In fact, he has gone. Durai die because of an accident. The accident happened because he was down on his luck and he doesn’t have enough good deeds to prevent the accident from happening.

Let me share another location of gate of hell with you. It is located at Marina South. How do I know? It was all because of a very well known feng shui master I enquired when I wanted to rent a space there for my PUB business. The feng shui master pointed out to me that the area I wanted there is a gate of hell, and doing business there would not flourish. And it is very true; the area there i wanted is very quiet and businesses in the same area but further up are flourishing like hot cake. If you are there, stay away from the gate, because our brother bull and horse are on guard duty…..transpasser will be prosecuted

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