Sengkang West Ave Blk 438B

This encounter occurred personally when I was young… around 9 to 11 years old when I was still a primary school kid. ( Now I am 19) This occured in my flat in Sengkang. I am still living in it to this day.

I guess each child has a favorite toy, pillow or blanket that they will tug around anywhere they go. I have a little orange pillow which I will bring around the house anywhere i go when i was a kid. And I had this weird habit of sleeping anywhere in the house at night, with the company of my pillow.

One night , as usual, my room was warm and I woke up around 3 am in the morning. I hugged my pillow and went down to my living room to sleep on my sofa. There is a big standing fan in my living room at that time. It had this lighted panel on it that lights up in this manner when you select the speed . Red on Low, yellow on Medium, alternate red , yellow and then to green when on High.

I set the fan on high and fall asleep soon after. Not soon after I suddenly wake up. I saw across the room two green figures appears on the right side of the living room. They are totally featureless, just with outline of a human figure. The two figures looked like two man. They started to move towards the far centre of my living room. Suddenly as they appeared, they vanished. Then, to my surprise, I saw the hue in the room changed to red….then yellow… Its my Fan! As it changes back to green , the green men appeared again!. This time they seems to be arguing although there isn’t sound. They disappears when the light of the fan changes to red and yellow…… When they reappear the two men was fighting… and suddenly the man on the left took out a sharp object which seems like a knife and stabs the man on the right in the middle of the fight…. and they vanish again… As they reappears.. I could see the man with the knife dragging the body of the fallen man to the left of the living room, towards my kitchen. Now this is the reason I think proves that its not my imagination. As the green man drags the other guy across the room behind a partisan in a fake wall between where I am and the kitchen, I could see them thru the gills like slits in the fake wall clearly and I guess when u imagine thinks it cannot be seen so clearly and with depth. For some reasons, I do not feel afraid of what happened and I went back to sleep….. Nothing of paranormal happens again in my home although I had experience presences sitting on my bed and the bed depress a bit when I was young. It happens usually when I was in a subconscious state… drowsy before I really fall into deep sleep I guess.

When I told my parents about the incident, my parents told me not to mention it anymore as my mum is scared. The flat we lived in is a new flag and thus there are not previous owners. Could it be workers that worked on the flat before the flat was completed? Or could it be the Fan……………

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