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Well the wind was blowing hard that day and my parent’s bedroom door was slammed hard. We had hang a fragile decorated ‘ayat’ on the door and it fell and broke into a few pieces when the door got slammed. My mom told me to pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. I obeyed my mom.

That day my dad was working in the night shift, and whenever my dad worked in the night shift, me and my sisters would sleep in my parents room. As my 2 sisters has booked to sleep with my mother on the bed, I slept on the floor. I was a late-sleeper. The rest of them was already sleeping at around midnight and I was still watching tv. A few minutes later, I got up and switch off the lights as I like to sleep in the dark.

When I lay myself on the mattress, there was this RED light blinking on my parent’s bedroom door. It couldn’t have come from outside as the curtains were dark in colour and has covered the whole window. It kept on blinking and gets greater and nearer to me. I was like horrified and really scared. I closed my eyes but I still could see the light, I then forced my eyes to sleep.

The next morning as I was walking to school with my best mate, Bedah, I told her what I experienced the other day. She then told me that if ever any ‘ayat’ broke or you want to dispose of it off, you can’t throw it anywhere. You have to bury it. Later that day, i told my mom about it and she told me that yes you have to bury it but now we’re staying in HDB flats where can we find clean grounds so she told me it is an exeption. She also told me if the ‘thing’ is still bothering me, it means that I have not been praying.

Well, sure enough, after praying and reciting Quran, I don’t see it anymore but the feeling has not faded yet.

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