World War II Ghosts

It was 1989 that I just finished serving NS and went to Melbourne to further my studies. As i didn’t do my a level, i had to do 1 year matriculation. I was staying at this hostel just across the school. The hostel was call Alan Ramsey house. It’s an old building, i think built late 1800 or early 1900. 2 storey square shaped with a big courtyard in the middle.

According to the occupants living on the 2nd floor, there were 2 spirits that were always showing themselves. One was an old amdk and the other was a much younger amdl. I was staying on the ground floor so i didn’t see anything. After 3 months living there, i hooked up with a amdl staying on the 2nd floor, she was from a town 3 hours out of Melbourne hence have to stay in a hostel. She will always sneak into my room and hang out with me till the wee hours before going back to her room.

One morning, it was same as usual, after spending the night under my doona with me, she returned to her room without waking me, i was woken up by a frantic knocking on my door. Thinking she must have forgotten her panties or bra, i opened the door. There she stood with her face paled and tears streaming. She said she saw the amdl, with tongue dangling and head floppin’ like neck broken. She just u turn and cheong to my room. Since then, she spent every night with me until daybreak before going back to her room.

We did some research, the place was a brothel way back before WW2, and there was a few ladies who hung themselves. So it could be one of those that she saw. Didn’t found anything about the old amdk though.

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