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Ok, I won’t say the exact house number for there is still a family living there and they might not appreciate it if the news leaked and I swear this is a true story. Here let me say something first. I believed in ghosts until he had those experiences at that flat. He wasn’t religious and was a typical down-to-earth business man. So I believed him when he told our family about his experiences. So here’s how it happened. My uncle was just married at that time and he wanted to move out from his mother’s house but my grandma didn’t really agree with his idea. Still, my uncle decided to move out and bought a flat which had two stories near to jurong west (to my grandma’s fury) and lived with his wife and his two children (a boy and a girl)who were in primary school at that time.

The very first night they moved into their new home, things started to happen. It was my aunt who noticed these first. On the first night, they all slept together in one room since they hadn’t placed anything in order yet.

While everyone was sleeping, she woke up because of the noises downstairs – noises like someone having a bath, dragging the chairs. She said it was like there was another family living downstairs. So she woke her husband up and together they went downstairs to check. Well, nothing was there. No water in the bathroom, no chairs were out of place and so on. So they just thought maybe the sounds were coming from their neighbour’s flat and went back to sleep.

Then things got worse. The noises continued every night and my aunt was starting to suspect something but it was my uncle who saw one of them first. He woke up early one day and went to the bathroom to wash his face. After he finished washing, he looked into the mirror. There, to his horror, a reflection of a woman was there behind him – looking at him. I asked him in detail how she looked like, for example if she looked like a white cloudy thing or very solid. He said she was just like a human but when he turned around there was nobody there and when he looked back into the mirror, there was no longer her reflection.

He told his wife about that incident and his wife was all too willing to believe him (after all the noises she heard every night) but the two children still were not aware of anything. They decided not to tell them so as not to scare them. From that day on, nobody stayed in the house alone during the day. My uncle went to his work, my aunt who was not working went to live at her mother’s house and my cousins went to school. In the evening, they waited for each other in front of the house and only when everyone had arrived, they went into the house together. If someone wanted to go to the toilet, at least two people went there together. Poor them! But my uncle dare not tell these incidents to our family or my grandma because it was him who insisted on buying this house although my grandma did not like his decision. So he just decided to bear a little longer. But things got hardcore.

My aunt had a strange dream. In her dream, there were three people, two women and a man. They were glaring at her and one of them talked to her in a harsh tone to move out of the house because the house was their property and that they had been living there for a long time. Then one evening, my aunt threw the bones and leftovers into the drain at the back of the house  and there a hairy black hand grabbed the leftovers from her hand! She yelled and her husband rushed to her.

The children were surprised by their parents’ agitated manners but they still had not seen anything yet. But it’s not that they were not disturbed at all. My cousin told me one time, while she was studying, the pile of books on her table was pushed a way and the books were scattered on the floor. She was not moving or shaking or anything. The books were just thrown everywhere. But she was only like 6 or 7 and did not really think that much at that time.

Then another sighting occurred. One day, my uncle had to come back to the house in the afternoon because he forgot some documents. There was nobody in the house as usual and he felt really uneasy about going into the house alone. But the documents were very important and he had to go upstairs and take them. And there was a woman again on their bed. My uncle was frozen on the spot. He said she had very long hair and was sitting on the bed and he could only see her back. Then she disappeared right in front of his eyes. He rushed into the room, not looking anywhere but the floor and got the documents and ran out of the house.

There were other things like food in the fridge were scattered everywhere and felt like someone just sat down beside you and so on. My uncle had had enough. So he went to the Buddhist temple and asked for some water that was blessed with praying. He sprayed them everywhere in the house. Man! That was a bad idea. At that night, the door bell rang all time. When they checked the door, nobody was there. In the end, my uncle removed the door bell to have some peace. After that, the noises in the house were worse than ever. Even the children were starting to notice things. My uncle then decided to call for help. He asked the Buddhist monk to come visit the house. The Buddhist monk came and looked around the house. Then he told my uncle that he could sense three other beings in the house – one man and two women and that they were brother and sisters who lived in this house long ago. The monk said that they had some money and jewelery hidden beneath the house and they were so attached to their properties that they remained here.

And guess what my uncle asked. My uncle asked the monk whether he could ask the ghosts to give a small amount of their money or jewelery if he gave some offerings to them. The monk simply said, Well, they became ghosts because they were so attached to their things because they were so stingy. Do you really think they will give you their things? Don’t be greedy, ya?

The monk agreed to help my uncle although he said he didn’t wish to drive the ghosts away. Rather, he asked my uncle to offer one incense burner every day at the veranda and to not go out to the veranda after 6 pm. He said that if my uncle’s family could not do that, they would no longer see any disturbances. But my aunt was all teary and depressed although my uncle was still stubborn. She kept on asking my uncle to move to another place whether there was no haunting or not simply because she just felt uneasy there and finally, my uncle agreed. They sold it to another poor unsuspecting family.

After that they heard news from that family that one of the family members was locked in the toilet from outside while he was alone at home and other things. That family also moved out in the end and now I don’t know who was living there but there sure are people still living there.

So better ask about the house before you buy it.

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