Upper Boon Keng Road Blk 15

This story took place at Upper Boon Keng Road HDB Block 15. My friend usually works till late night and would normally reach home at about 3am.

Nothing strange had ever happened until this one particular week. After returning home from work, he would waste no time sleeping. His room’s windows were along the corridor and his bed was just beside the window.

Starting on this one night, his parents from the other room would hear loud scratches on his zinc windows. It got so loud that his parents would pop over to his room. This went on for a couple of days. Even though the scratch was loud enough to wake his parents up in the wee hours, my friend claimed he never heard it and was never once woken up by the sound.This went on for about a week.

The following week, my friend went out after work to hang out with his friends. At about 3am, his dad heard some noise at the front door. He thought my friend was outside the gate. Minutes passed and his dad was puzzled as to why he was still outside the house.Thinking that his son might be searching the house keys, his dad decided to open the door for his son. The father got the shock of his life..

The moment he opened the door, ‘She’ just passed by the corridor!’She’was apparently dressed in white was floating by just as he opened the door. My friend’s dad immediately shut the door and called his son. He, of course, only dared to come home when the sun was up.