6th Sense

I heard this story recently, my grandmother believes that only certain people can ‘feel’ or are sensitive to the presence of ghosts. My cousin is one of these people. I heard this from my cousin last year when I went to Bangladesh:

After getting married about 3 years ago, she moved from her village to her husbands house in Sylhet. This house has been in her husbands house for generations, and it is a large one storey house. Her room is right at the centre of the house surrounded by all the other rooms. I have been to this house after she was married and sat in her room but did not notice anything!

Anyway, after they got married, her husband left for America and she was left in the house with her mother in law and brother in law and the live in maid. This meant that she had to sleep by herself. At home, she had slept by herself for many years so she was not worried at first.

Then she started having nightmares, she would wake up in the dark feeling that something was sitting on her chest. One night she went to sleep with her hair loose (very bad luck to go to sleep with hair untied, especially long hair) Anyway she was woken up late at night knowing that someone or something outside the mosquito net was slowly pulling her hair – no one was there when she sat up, so she quickly tied her hair up and sealed her body with prayers.

One evening Very soon after, she told me that when she walked into her bedroom, she happened to glance at a stool near the doorway and was shocked to see the legs of a man wearing a Lunghi (traditional garb for older Bangladeshi guys when at home) As she raised her gaze, whatever was there was gone – there was absolutely nothing there.

When her brother in law got married, my cousin gave up her bedroom to the new girl, but did not tell her anything about what she had experienced in case the girl refused the bedroom. A few weeks after, the new bride told my cousin that she kept sensing that there was someone in her room, and she thought she had seen an old lady on several occasions there!!!

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