Strange Hotel Room

My colleague Suzie is a Marketing Manager for a IT company, she travels alot in the Asia South Region (Philippines, Indo, Thailand etc.) for some marketing events. She went to India (Mumbai) to host a marketing event last year, she was dead tired on that day because she travelled to Singapore in the morning (she …

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Ghost In Mumbai

This is a true incident that took place in a Mumbai suburb named Vasai. Outside every railway station in Mumbai, there are always a bunch of autorickshaw (a small local taxi-like vehicle) drivers waiting for the arriving passengers. Once at around 02:00 am, an autorickshaw driver was woken up by a couple who wanted to …

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The Soul Taker

My mother told me this story, and everytime she tells me this story she always cries. This took place in Kathmandu, Nepal–its located between India and Tibet. Well, this is what happened. I was only one years old. But, our family was known as “low class” but we didn’t care, we had each other and …

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6th Sense

I heard this story recently, my grandmother believes that only certain people can ‘feel’ or are sensitive to the presence of ghosts. My cousin is one of these people. I heard this from my cousin last year when I went to Bangladesh: After getting married about 3 years ago, she moved from her village to …

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A Suicide Lake

This happened when I was in Hyderabad. Some of my friends thought of having a party in an open space so we were thinking of going to this place called “Osman Sagar”. Its nearby to Gandipet. I said OK because the place is a huge lake and I have visited that place like two years …

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