Scary Encounter

I have seen a ghost when i was a kid, about 8-9 years old but when i told my mum, she did not want to believe me.

Other than that, recently although i have not seen a ghost, i definitely have experienced and felt its presence. Here goes:

Last December, me and my family were in India (new Delhi) for holiday. It was in the winter season thus the visibility was very bad. The haze got so bad that our flights got canceled. There were no flights out of Delhi so we were stranded there. The airline arranged a 5 star hotel for us and me and my siblings were so excited about it not knowing what was in store for us.

We reached the hotel room, and although my parents had another room, they came and hung out with us that night. My brother fell asleep. We were all watching our usual favorite bollywood movies and suddenly my brother just woke up with a shock and told me and my sister: Be careful, there’s something weird about this room. We both took it lightly, and continued watching TV throughout the whole night. (Later my brother told us he had seen a dream of horrible torture being done to babies and people and it was really evil-filled). That night passed quite ok since my parents were with us.

Our flight was further delayed, so we had to stay a 2nd night. This time my parents went to their rooms. We then slept. And then it started. I had a dream. In the dream, i was in the same exact position, place and everything. And a hooded figure came out of the wardrobe on my right and walked right to the front of our bed. It stood there looking at us. Me being more concerned about my siblings, tried to wake up to inform my siblings because i know this was REAL. It was just playing with my dreams. I could NOT wake up! I tried alot alot of times. I started to chant prayers but then halfway through i forgot my prayers! Then i just said God’s name over and over again.

Finally i managed to wake up, and quickly woke my sister and told her : I’m Scared! There’s something not right here. And she being the scaredy cat covered her face with the blanket In that moment of fear, i forgot to even laugh. My brother who was in between us on the bed was impossible to wake up at that time. My mum suspected the presence had something to do with it knowing he was the only man and protector around.

Suddenly, the toilet light (which was turned on) went off! We thought, ok fine – just a blackout. My brother woke up then, and kept on insisting he wanted to go out of the room(the corridor was lighted though – could see from the bottom) to check. I said NO!!!! Don’t do that. Stay here, stick together. we called our mum, and asked her if her room too had a blackout, and she said no. We called the reception to come see what’s the problem. Even before they could come, the light came on.

My parents quickly came to our room. My mum slept with us while my dad slept in the couch. 5mins after we settled in with all the lights off, the speaker of the phone turned on!!! We were so shocked because none of us were even near the phone. We then switched it off and went back to sleep. Few minutes later, something (a lady’s voice) screamed: Ooooooo… (i hope u know *** i mean). My father being the blur him said: What is your mum talking? And we were all saying, no it wasn’t mum!!! It came from the other room (the suite had 2 rooms)

That freaked us all out. We took our stuff, and requested for another room. When the bellboy came, they knocked the room door before entering even when we were all outside.

We got another room, and all 5 of us slept on the same bed. Don’t ask me how we did it but we were too scared to separate.

I’m never going to that hotel ever again. There was so much evil in it and i could sense it wanted to harm us.

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