The Soul Taker

My mother told me this story, and everytime she tells me this story she always cries. This took place in Kathmandu, Nepal–its located between India and Tibet.

Well, this is what happened. I was only one years old. But, our family was known as “low class” but we didn’t care, we had each other and that’s what counts. We lived in Kathmanndu for less than a month, and we needed to desperately find a place to live. My parents found an apartment, supposedly it was “haunted”. Everyone called it the, “the ghost house” But we weren’t scared, we needed a place to stay and of course it was cheap.

When we got settled at our new place. My dad received a phone call from my aunt saying they needed my dad to help with setting up some things for our festival the next day. So he left. So it was just my mom, my brother, my baby sister, and myself.

The night was young and we all became very sleepy–unfortunately, my sister wasn’t feeling too good so she kept crying, and i was getting quite mad. Finally my brother and I fell asleep. So, it was just my mom, and my sister. My mother began to breast feed my sis..But she wouldn’t drink. Then, my mom fell a sleep to and my sister. During the middle of the night my mom woke up, and saw this man, a young man, walking towards the door holding something…He wore a white shirt and blue jeans. My mom thought to herself and looked at the door because our door had three locks-and there was no way he could of came in.

My mother looked at my sister, and she tries to wake her up–but she wouldn’t get up–the ghost must of snatched my sister soul–because my sister was DEAD.

My mom told me it must of been a good ghost because he was wearing a white shirt, he was probably bringing her spirit to heaven.

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