Strange Hotel Room

My colleague Suzie is a Marketing Manager for a IT company, she travels alot in the Asia South Region (Philippines, Indo, Thailand etc.) for some marketing events. She went to India (Mumbai) to host a marketing event last year, she was dead tired on that day because she travelled to Singapore in the morning (she was a Malaysian) and then to Mumbai. As usual after shower, she laid down on the bed and used the TV remote control to turn on the TV to watch movies. After watching for awhile, she felt tired and turned off the TV. A while later, the TV turned ON by itself.

Suzie thought that she had accidentally pressed the TV remote control to ON and then she turned it off again. After awhile, the TV turned ON by itself again. That went on for a few times. Suzie felt something was wrong and she rang up the hotel receptionist. The hotel receptionist sent a bell boy up to the room, and the bell boy told Suzie that he was very surprised why the receptionist gave her that rrom because it has been emptied for quite some time, as it is haunted. Suzie replied that the hotel rooms were full on that day and she insisted to stay in this hotel as it was near to the marketing event’s site. Hence the hotel staff gave her this room.

The bell boy advised Suzie to shift to another hotel instead for safety sake, since the hotel rooms were already full on that day. Suzie insisted to stay in this hotel because she was too tired to shift to another hotel. The bell boy has no choice and suggested to Suzie that maybe she can try to a cloth to cover the TV set and then go to sleep. The bell boy left after telling Suzie what to do. Suzie took a bath towel and covered the TV set before going to bed. The moment she tried to lay down the bed, she saw the bath towel “flew” slowly (slow motion) and drop to the floor, and then the TV set was ON again.

Suzie kind of confirmed that “something” was in her hotel room. However she was too tired and just ignored “that thing”, she covered her face with the blanket and slept until the next day morning. After returning to Singapore, she told us that the spirit in her hotel room probably just like to watch TV, and not a harmful spirit. We praised Suzie for her courage to stay in that hotel room for that night. And we told her that we will probably sleep in the hotel lobby if we were her…..

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