The Curse In My Family

In November 2004, my parents left to Delhi to go visit my sick grandma(dad’s mom). When they got there, she died after seeing my father. Rumors had said that she had been waiting to see my father before she was going to leave. My aunt (dad’s only sister) came to Delhi to attend the funeral too. My father was in a great depression because growing up, he had no father. He really had no one, so when he lost his mother. He was very torn apart. My aunt had told my father not to be sad and that he still have her and will always have her to be there for him. After the funeral we all returned home at Bathinda.

Few months had passed. March 2005, my aunt had passed away in her sleep (I’m not sure what happened). My father was even more torn up. He now really have no one left (My mother and father were having problems). He was very saddened. He cried a lot. Even at the funeral and after the funeral, he would always cry. He usually went to her grave by himself and cry. Like a daddy’s little girl, I supported his wanting. I understood that he missed her a lot even when my mother disapproved that it isn’t a good thing to go cry. Soon after my father became ill. We approached many spirit doctors. Even temples/church had prayed for us and help our family until the very end. All hopes were lost. My mother had a dream of (my grandma and aunt), like running in yellowish fields with white cloth. They came and told her that they was going to come take my father with them. And eventually they did. My dad died. Most of his visits, I do see all three of them together, but only my father would speak to me. Even cousins and relatives who see my father visit would see them all three together. My girl cousin (aunt’s daughter) see all three of them too, but only her mom would talk to her. Rumors had said, they promised to live three lifetimes together, and this was their third life time together. So when we buried my father, he was buried next to his sister. Some dead ones are powerful enough to do the unexplained, and some are good enough to leave without coming back. I don’t believe my father’s family has ghosts. I believe the rumors may be true because of things we all had witness. My father died at age 30. His sister died at age 38. We do not speak of their names because when we do we see them. They come visit, and it’s a bit creepy.

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