Scratched Marks

I was studying in girls hostel in Gwalior in India and most of our hostel buildings were old prehistoric mahals/palaces and belonged to kings, queens, princesses etc. My hostel building overlooked a 400 year old banyan tree under which there was a storeroom for our mess’ kitchen. It did not have any lights or any other form of electricity. And it was used to store LPG cylinders and sacks of grocery like rice and potato.

One night before our maths final exam we heard noises coming from that storeroom, so we all rushed to the balcony that overlooked the banyan tree. It looked awfully scary at night. When we reached we saw light coming from storeroom and moving shadows inside although it didn’t have any proper windows. It was just a wooden cabin. The sound seemed like a woman in labour mixed with sound of vomiting. While standing there, 3 of us were so shocked and suddenly my friend tripped off the railing and hung on the other side. We were on the 2nd floor and if she would have fallen she would have had fatal injuries so the two of us tried to pull her back. It was nearly 3 in the morning so screaming for help wouldn’t have worked either and our matron would have killed us.

While we were trying to pull her back, she being very thin and light weight, it seemed impossible to pull her back. After trying for nearly 10 minutes we managed to pull her back. And what we saw were nail scratch marks on her legs and she said that she felt like someone was pulling her from below when we were trying to pull her up. She fell sick for 3 days and couldn’t eat, drink, sleep or talk for those 3 days. And we never knew what happened….

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