The Haunted Kuldhara

Kuldhara, a 13th century deserted village on the outskirts of Jaisalmer is considered an existing proof of the power of spirits. It is believed to be the place of most aggressive Spirits. The place has a group of few houses, a temple and courtyard. It is said that the residents of 84 neighboring villages including Kuldhara lived here.

Whoever tries to live there, dies. Many skeletons have been found there. When people go there, they feel like someone is looking them from behind the walls, they hear women screaming, kids running around, but nothing is there. People gets pushed by unknown force while walking or stones are thrown at them from no where.

As the story goes, the village used to be the residence of the rich and learned Paliwal Brahmins, residing there for about 500 years. The daughter of the village chief was extremely beautiful who’d just stepped into her sixteenth spring. The notorious king of Jaisalmer happened to lay his eyes on this beautiful girl and wanted to take her as his wife. Even he was cruel to the people living over there The king was famous for his debauchery and some loyal friend told the girl`s father about king`s bad intentions. The entire village of Kuldhara evacuated bag and baggage in one night and all that remained was an empty village without a single soul. As the Paliwal Brahmins left, they cursed death upon anyone who ever came to live in that village. Over the years, a few skeletons had been discovered in the village. One incident from one diary of one unknown guy.

“As we reached there, the old watchman, of the gnarled hands and stooped back lifted the lantern in his hand and opened the gate for us, we were informed of his misfortune. We were told he lost his two sons, their wives, his daughter and his own wife to a mysterious illness, all because he decided to visit his ramshackle hut inside the boundary wall of the village. As we entered inside we saw an entire village–empty with broken walls and bricks strewn all around. A self-sufficient village with a deep well, a few temple like structures and houses. Home to people several centuries ago, complete with sleeping, cooking and bathing areas. its kind of weird to imagine now,people lived here,they use to cook,dance was so scary. The dusty little village had long narrow lanes crisscrossing everywhere -don’t know whether it was the heightened senses but one could really feel strange faces peeking from behind the walls. A local guy came running, breathless and nervous, saying that he’d heard a woman crying a little distance away. Everyone ran in the direction but all we got was a sense of something else in the air. Suddenly we hear the children voices playing, but no one was there. It was feeling like something is attracting us towards them. We were frightened and we ended the ran right away,and ran. We were hearing woman ‘payal’ noise, like someone is running with us, and from far away group of people yelling and coming aggressively.. As soon as we reach our car, we left that place as fast as we can..and never returned there.”

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