A Suicide Lake

This happened when I was in Hyderabad. Some of my friends thought of having a party in an open space so we were thinking of going to this place called “Osman Sagar”. Its nearby to Gandipet. I said OK because the place is a huge lake and I have visited that place like two years back. So we all started the journey from our place and were driving to the lake. We started at around 10:30 and we kept the drinks in cooler box. There was a lot of drizzling while were going but as soon as we reached there the sky completely cleared up and there was a dazzling view of the million stars like they were looking upon us.

We stopped on the bridge of Osman Sagar but there were grills placed which were not there before when I visited 2 years back also there was a police patrolling. So we thought its better we go to the back side. So we went to the backside which was full of bushes and trees. We were sitting in the car only opened our car doors there just chilling out smoking. It was almost midnight so thought we will start the drinks but just then we heard a huge splash. We all stopped in our tracks and we were like “what the hell?” because we were on the other side of the lake and there was nothing that tall to make a huge splash sound like that.

Then we all got down from our car and walked towards the shore of the lake and were looking towards the bridge and there was this figure glowing in white. The bridge was far like at least 550 meters away but we were clearly able to see the spirit for some reason(all of us). The figure just passed through the grills and jumped in to the water with a huge cry(which sounded like a lady and we could all hear it) and fell into the water with a huge splash. My friends were all freaked out and started running towards the car but I was walking towards the water(I was in a trance). One of my friends held my hand and started dragging me towards the car and I was still trying to go towards the lake. Another friend slapped me and I snapped out of it. We all went into the car and started reversing it and looked at the bridge. The white figure was standing again on the bridge and jumped again with a cry and again there was splash.

We walked drove away and got on outer ring road and then we started having drinks and discussing about it. My friend asked me what happened and I said I heard like something was calling out for help. My friends never took me back there again.

I understood that it was a residual haunting which is like residual entities that do not have a sense of what’s around them but they just keep happening again and again. Later when I surfed the net, I came to know that this lake has been a suicide spot for many. However what I don’t understand is how it was able to call out to me and more importantly how I was the only one who could hear the calling out. Still a mystery to me.

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