Scratched Marks

I was studying in girls hostel in Gwalior in India and most of our hostel buildings were old prehistoric mahals/palaces and belonged to kings, queens, princesses etc. My hostel building overlooked a 400 year old banyan tree under which there was a storeroom for our mess’ kitchen. It did not have any lights or any …

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The Haunted Kuldhara

Kuldhara, a 13th century deserted village on the outskirts of Jaisalmer is considered an existing proof of the power of spirits. It is believed to be the place of most aggressive Spirits. The place has a group of few houses, a temple and courtyard. It is said that the residents of 84 neighboring villages including …

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City Of Surat

Situated on the Arabian Sea on the city of Surat in Gujarat, is one of the most haunted places in India. This beach is famous for its black sand. The site also has a cremation ground and locals say that the spirits of some people do not leave and stay in the air. People have …

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Kurseong In Bengal

Kurseong is a hill station situated in Darjeeling state of West Bengal, one of the most haunted places in India. Locally known as “Kharsang”, it means “Land of the White Orchids” in Lepcha language. Kurseong is also called the ‘Good Castle’ by the Tibetans. Countless numbers of paranormal behaviors and murders are reported near the …

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Dogs Barking

I am from Bangalore and this thing happened to me recently. I’m an engineering final year student. There are lot of festivals taking place in Engineering Colleges and most festivals are organised by the final year students. So I was the head coordinator of one of the National Level festival in our college. Lot of …

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