Dogs Barking

I am from Bangalore and this thing happened to me recently. I’m an engineering final year student. There are lot of festivals taking place in Engineering Colleges and most festivals are organised by the final year students. So I was the head coordinator of one of the National Level festival in our college. Lot of things need to be taken care of, on the previous day of the festival we were finalising all the things, we all were working endlessly through out the day, so almost everything was done, just the thing which was remaining was we have to produce an introductory movie which was supposed to be displayed at the opening ceremony, and some editing were needed, around 8 to 10 of us were working together for that short film and it took so long to finalise the movie, when we looked at the clock it was almost around 2 AM, we were like shittt!!!

So myself and my 2 friends which happened to be my roommate used to stay outside the college in a flat around 2 km from college. Everybody who were working with us went to the hostel and unfortunately that day we didn’t get our bikes because earlier in the morning someone has picked us up to college, so when we came out of the college in seek of cars to hitch but there was no one on the road, just the double road and street lights. So we decided to walk to our flat, we were discussing how awesome day we’re gonna have tomorrow, after around 5 mins of walking, I just turned behind and there were two dogs behind us, dogs were like following us , I ignored them, a minute later they were very close to us, we ignored again!!!

And all of sudden one of that dog started crying like hell , have never heard that much of intensity , it was fearful, and the other dog started barking at us, barking and barking continuously, we tried to shoo them away and my friends threw stones at dogs it was not helping, two more dogs joined those, one were crying very badly, and 3 of them barking at us, as we were walking those dogs came on our side near our legs and started barking in the opposite direction, Three of us looked at each other, my friend said “Is it just me, or even you guys feel they are not barking at us??” We just waved our heads, we continued walking, the dogs were barking such that they’re seeing someone or something walking beside us we could not see but they could see and those were not at all comfortable with that, that’s why those were barking, the dog one who crying was scaring us like anything.

So finally we reached our flats, dogs followed us till the gate of the apartment, later on we could not hear them because our flat was on 3rd floor, went to the rooms, after a while, my friend screamed from balcony, when we went there and what we saw there was something scary, 6 to 7 dogs were there some of them were crying barking, for instance they were barking near the gate looking at the wall, for instance they were barking looking at the tree, for instance they were barking looking at the top of the car, for instance looking towards the street lamp pole, again and again the position of troop of dogs were changing and barking in the different directions, crying. The dogs looks like seeing something which we were not able to see….

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