7 Haunted Locations

You guys must have seen japanese famous show about 7 haunted locations in schools.

I like to tell you that there are really 7 “rumored” haunted locations in a ertain tertiary institution which is not to be told by it’s name due to prevention of causing a chaotic situation and for my respect as a grad from the school. Here goes:

1st: Endless Corridor

In the Block 18 of engineering faculty at i believe to be either from one of the floors from 5th Level to 7th Level (8th floor is the lecturers’ offices). Many students and classmates feedback that they often got ‘trapped’ in Block 18 corridor. The feedback was that they tried to walk through the corridor but it was endless. Like they walking on the

same area forever. It happened even in daytime and once I have to rescue one of my classmates who called my mobile phone with tears claimed that she was stuck.

2nd: Haunted Toilet near Auditorium

This is actually true. A Malay cleaner in his thirties was cleaning the toilets. So he went to the rumored toilet to clean it up. As he wiped the water stains on the washing hand basins, the 2nd last cubicle door suddenly banged and made the poor cleaner jumped in fright. he looked behind and tried to find out whats behind the cubicle door but it was snapped shutted, like as though the door was stuck. He tried a few times with effort to open but with no effect. So he sighed and finished the cleaning work instead. When he about to leave the premise the toilet suddenly open with a creepy sound and the cleaner look….

When I still studying I managed to see the cleaner. He kept on slapping his froze face as he walked bypass me after the incident. I believe right now he had left my school.

3rd: Swimming Pool

Many people do not dare to swim at night.There is a rumor that says a black figure will appear in swimming pool. First symptom is you heard a sudden splash sound from behind and then you find

someone swimming at you with free style. This however is a rumor i heard from my classmates.

4th: B1 toilets

Many business students often heard voices and was touched by “invisible hands” in the toilets even in broad daylights.

5th Dance Studio

Many students reported seen a poltergeist inside the dance studio. It often danced around and suddenly went into the mirror and was gone. I have checked the studio was not often in use and the investigation have to come to a halt due to a certain club member who broke the

mirrors in the studio.

6th Figure in Bio Lab

One famous rumor of all. There rumored that in one of the bio technology lab in IT block, you will find a guy with pale face doing some last minute testing. The moment you turned your head and come back to face him, he was gone. it was believed to be one of the students who got

killed in a motorbike accident outside the campus when he was rushing for his bio practical test. More is unknown.

These are all I known of. The 7th horror site I do not want to know as it may lead to…. Anyway for you who are existing students to find out… if you dare.

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