Si Ling Sec Spook Tales

It was a long but memorable night. My clubmates and I sat down and chi chat outside our clubroom and spend almost a night talking. We were all secondary 3 and all of my clubmates are either in
same class or different streams. We talk about whats new video games in town, the girls in next class, some advise on behaving in school, gossips about teachers, etc.

As night draws forth to midnight, we set up some couch chairs that was available from clubroom and drinks. It was a moonlit night and then all of sudden there appeared a small black cat. It was
quite cute and one of my clubmates went near it and patted. It gives a cute ‘meow’ sound and it stayed with us for our night chat.

As we come close to end our chat and rest for the night, the cat suddenly jumps out and walk on top of the mini garden fence in between canteen and science block. Then it vanishes. We were stunned.

One of my clubmates questioned,” Did you see that? ” Clubmate B replied,” Yeah…” I asked with a froze face,” How can a cat walk on a barb wire top fence? ” All stood quiet and a strong wind suddenly
blew with it’s freezing strength. We ended the night talk with fear anjd we never tell anyone about this.