RI-Haunted School

You know in Bishan, there were many people buried there as it was once a large graveyard?

Definitely because of this fact, many places in Bishan were haunted. Including RI…

I heard 4 incidents when I first entered.


1) Swimming Pool (NOT SCARY)

Usually, an olympic sized pool is 50m right? But the RI Pool is only 49m. It was rumoured that while the workers were digging the pool, upon reaching the 49m mark they saw many skeletons and skulls buried in the ground. Afraid, they stopped digging after 49m and covered the remaining skeletons with soil.

2)School Field- The old woman.

The story goes like that: There was a camp organized one night in a block of classrooms near the field. A boy, unable to sleep, went out to the school field to take a slow jog/walk. He jogged to the middle of the field, laid down and looked into the sky. Just then, he noticed an old lady with very long hair wairing a white gown gliding towards him. He did not suspect anything. She asked him stonely, “What’s the time now?” He said “3am”. (According to my seniors, you should not tell her the time or you’ll be doomed.)

She smiled and glided off. Only then did the boy suspect something. Why would an old lady be doing in the middle of the night in the school field?? From the columbarium? (RI is exactly next to Kong Meng San Columbarium- More eerie at night)

He brushed off the feeling and went back to his class. But however hard he tried to get out of the field, he walked and walked and started to run. But he still couldn’t get out of the field. It seemed to stretch forever. Then, he saw the lady aagain, this time a very devious one. Her skin was rotting and she had glowing coal like eyes. “WHAT IS THE TIME NOW….” He screamed and blacked out. The next morning he was found lying in the middle of the field, shaken but glad to be alive.

3) Clock Tower Accident

There was once a boy who sneaked into the clock tower and climbed the long flight of stairs up to the top. His friend stayed at the bottom, keeping a lookout for any teacher while he scaled the massive tower. After about 15 minutes, the friend was worried. He had not come down yet. Did something happened? The friend crawled in the small hole and peered in and got the worst shock of his life. Sadly, the little boy, while climbing up the stairs,had fallen down and smashed his head open.It was a gruesome scene. The friend screamed and ran to look for the teacher… The news were not to be spreaded, said the principal. However it spreaded like bushfire and soon everyone knew it. A week later, security guards going up to store something in the middle of the night saw a lot of blood on the ground. He returned hurriedly to clean it. Even after cleaning the blood was still there. He fled, and heard the boy’s shrill scream, comparable to that on the faithful day he fell to his death…

4) SCARIEST!!! The Biology Lab

It was rumoured that very long ago, a pregnant teacher teaching in the Biology Lab had a miscarriage, and due to loss of blood, died on the spot. The foetus was kept in the Bio Lab, used for future learning. However, nights onward (especailly on the anniversary of the lady’s death, weird cries and shrieks could be heard originating from the deserted Science Block at night- Specifically from the 3rd Floor in wee hours of the night. Green Light was also reported to have been seen. Students swore they saw a small object drenched in blood crying, calling “mama. Mama.” Apparently the foetus was back looking for its mother. No one, not even the bravest students nor the staff dared to venture near the dreadful area at night. Lab technicians quickly packed up and left before 8. Every year this story is told to students by seniors and they swear that this story is true…

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