Be Sure To Say Sorry

This happen many years ago, when I was in primary school then somewhere in the 1988s.

It was like any other normal day. I remember i was in the morning session and i reach home around 2pm in the afternoon. I was resting in the room and eventually fall asleep while and then i was staying with my grandmother at that point of time. She woke me and my sister up and asked us to help change the cushion cloth. The moment I woke up, I could see that my eyes were rolling up all the way. In other words, I could only look up. No matter how hard I try I could not look around only Up. I start crying very badly. My grandmother could not find out what was wrong. I could not eat nor drink. I was starting to vomit as well.

My Grandmother knew this Malay lady at that point of time; she gives out that holy water thing. Even after drinking it I could not get better. I was still looking up all the way.

My grandparents are very close with the neighbors. One of the Chinese uncles actually told us to burn paper as he said I might have accidently step on those while coming back on what so Eva. Immediately my aunts and grandparents went to shop and bought all those burning paper. The uncle just told me to say sorry when I burn paper and tell who Eva it was I am really sorry and it was an accident.

After doing so, I immediately felt better. I was able to eat a fruit without vomiting after 3 days of suffering.

I am 28 years old now. Even today if i see people burning paper during hungry ghost festival, I am very careful as in not to step. In the event if the paper is all over after flying. I keep saying sorry till I reach the other end.

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