A Camping Incident

When I was around 12 years old I was in the boy scouts (10th KL) and the scout master thought it was funny. During one of the school holidays he took us to the Chinese graveyard to play hide & seek at night.

We checked into the scout then after dinner (around 7 pm) and he was going to take us to the graveyard at midnight. So all the boys sat around the den and the older boys tell ghost stories to frighten the younger ones.

One of the stories was ghost don’t walk like ordinary people, they kind of have a “jumpy walk”. Anyway around midnight the scout master drove the mini bus and took about us to the graveyard where we assembled in the shelter and draw lots to seek who will hide and who will seek.

I was in the group that was to go and hide. Do I teamed up with two other boys and off we went to hide behind a tomb. We were all pretty scared. And in the darkness we saw the shadow of a man coming over the hill. He had a “jumping” kind of walk. All three of us flew out from behind the grave screaming in pure fear and terror.

Next minute we hear this big voice swearing in very loud Cantonese bad words. This was not the way ghost is suppose to scold people. So we turned around and had a look. It was not a ghost, it was the night-soil carrier.

Apparently, there was a few vegetable gardens around there and this night soil carrier was carrying fertilizer for his garden at night. And all of a sudden we came screaming out from behind the grave gave him an even bigger fright. So much so he dropped the two buckets od sh*T that he was carrying and he swore at us profoundly.

You know the way farmers carry two buckets on a pole on their shoulders and when you do this the night soil carrier was kind of walking with a “spring” in his footsteps and to 3 terrified kids at night it did looked like this shadow was kind of “jumping” like a ghost is suppose to.

That was the closest experience I have with ghosts.

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